The Halo Drop

The Halo Drop

Macro to Micro Trends Shaping India & America!

Have you always wondered what it takes to make an Idea go from ok to amazing? To go from Idea to Exit?

What are the trends shaping India today, and how can we take the lessons from Silicon Valley and apply them at scale?

We created Halo Drop to build a community of amazing entrepreneurs, investors, family offices, hustlers, and change agents. We want you to be inspired to learn, build, and become successful! We spend countless hours researching the top trends in India and America to bubble up the macro trends, find amazing companies, and share actionable tips for you to get started.

This isn’t just a show for you to listen in on, we want you to participate and build.

Recent Episodes

Sustainable Fashion, the Popularity of Podcasting & Mental Health Support

July 8, 2021

How sustainable are your fashion choices? What can you do to play your part in consuming clothes that respect the planet? While listening to podcasts is a great way to escape mentally, we share our favorite companies set up …

Applying Lessons Learned from Football to the Business World with San Francisco 49er, Jerry Rice

June 24, 2021

If you need motivation to take your startup to the next level, don’t miss this amazing conversation with American football player, Hall of Famer, Jerry Rice. Jerry imparts a wealth of wisdom gleaned during his time both on a…

Venktesh Shukla - Becoming One Of Silicon Valley’s Most Active Angel Investors

June 10, 2021

Don’t miss Venktesh Shukla sharing his incredible journey on Halo Drop. Coming to the US for his MBA. How he became Teradyne’s most successful sales person having never sold before. Why he became a VC. How he became involved…

3D Printers, DTC Brands & Hydration Multipliers

May 27, 2021

In today’s quirky episode, we discuss everything from 3D printers, including printing your own home, to DTC brands that are hugely successful, such as dog food, makeup, and gender neutral perfume; before touching upon hydrat…

The Rise of Athleisure Wear

May 13, 2021

Getting back to in-person meetings after a year of working from home means having to find clothes that aren’t athleisure wear and ‘proper shoes’. We’ve become so accustomed to wearing sweats day in and day out, it’s tough se…

Peter Pham - The Entrepreneurial Journey To Science Inc.

April 29, 2021

On today’s episode we are thrilled to chat to the phenomenal Peter Pham, one of L.A.’s most prominent early-stage investors and the co-founder of Science Inc., a Santa Monica startup studio and early-stage venture fund that …

About the Hosts

Vishal Gurbuxani Profile Photo

Vishal Gurbuxani


An experienced and results-driven Founder, Operator, CTO from Startup to IPO, Investor, and Advisor with an entrepreneurial flair, impeccable business judgment, and substantial success in investing in, and advising high-tech startup companies. Demonstrates excellent knowledge of the intersection of business and technology within products, as well as mobile performance marketing, and web and social analytics. Experience includes the creation and sale of companies, and investment in numerous startups. Utilizes an analytical approach to solving problems, and applies strong technical and commercial acumen in driving business revenues. Communicates concisely at all levels, and cultivates trusted relationships with key strategic stakeholders. He has seen the differences between what makes a company great versus what makes a company fail.

Sunil Verma Profile Photo

Sunil Verma


Mr. Verma was previously a Partner in Venus Capital’s Private Equity Group, where he focused on investments in digital media and mobile in India and the United States. Prior, he was with Gabriel Venture Partners, a leading growth equity firm, where he assisted with the firm’s investments in India including Persistent Systems (BSE: PERSISTENT), (NASD: MMYT), and Tejas Networks; additionally, he supported several of Gabriel’s Indian portfolio companies post-investment including Allsec (BSE: ALLSEC), InvestSmart (BSE: INVSTSMART), and Provogue (BSE: PROVOGUE).

Mr. Verma has been a contributor to case studies regarding Indian investing for Harvard Business School and Stanford’s Graduate School of Business. He has authored numerous articles on various topics including the private capital markets in India, digital media and the mobilization of advertising.

Specialties: Mobile Advertising, Investing, Gamification, Digital Media

Krishna Subramanian Profile Photo

Krishna Subramanian


Changing the advertising world: Captiv8 Co-Founder, Mobclix Co-Founder, Velti CMO, BlueLithium Co-Founder, Burrp Co-Founder, all things mobile...